YOUR TEXT OR IMG HEREWelcome to my website. It is a celebration of the music that I grew up with, love, and play with all my soul. It’s a combination of classical, flamenco, Blues, rock, jazz and folk. Some people call it flamenco neuvo, nouveau flamenco, or just new flamenco. There are probably other musical genres influencing my style, like those played by my friends and associates. I concentrate my limited time playing the classical guitar and Fender electric basses. Although, I do have a couple of electric guitars hanging (literally) around the house.

On my electric-classical guitars, I play a variety of music and all this music has influenced my playing style. From the styles of Laurindo Almeida to Andre Segovia to Lenny Breau to Gordon Lightfoot and Tommy Emmanuel, there is so much music begging to be played. There is also a lot of pleasure in playing and listening to this music. I just wish I had more time to study it and further develop my technique. Fortunately, I will be retiring from teaching engineering at the end of 2018 and then I will study music fulltime.

So far, my favourite classical guitar is a Takamine TC132SC. This guitar has a traditional Spanish design but it has a cutaway and the excellent piezo pickup and CoolTube pre-amp. I have also added a Takamine soundboard transducer to it. The transducer plugs into the auxiliary port of the pre-amp, so I can blend its output directly with the piezo saddle pickup. I usually have the pre-amp blend knob set to 12 o’clock for an even balance of piezo pickup and soundboard transducer.

Playing a set at an open mic.

On bass, I play in a Classic Rock / Blues band called Analog. You can check out our website at analogmusic.ca. I also play at jam sessions and backing up other musicians at open mics. I prefer Fender basses with swamp ash bodies and rosewood fret boards. My main working bass at this time is a 1976 Fender Precision. I am slowly modifying a 1999 Fender Jazz bass, getting it ready for gigging. I have added a pickup blender circuit to it, so it has a single volume knob, a pickup blend knob and a tone control. More about my basses under Gear.

Analog (I’m on the far right) playing at “The Loft”.

I have been hosting open mic events, and setting up and running sound systems. Recently, I let go of the hosting gigs so I can practice and improve my classical guitar music. You can check out my upcoming gigs, by selecting Gigs. I typically play once a week at a local open mic, so check out where I will be showing up next.

Enjoy my site and feel free to drop me an email.

Thank you,

Derek Wakefield