Welcome to my website. It is a celebration of the music that I grew up with, love, and play and sing with all my soul. It’s a combination of classical, flamenco, Blues, rock, jazz and folk. Some people call it flamenco neuvo, nouveau flamenco, or just new flamenco. There are probably other musical genres influencing my style, like those played by my friends and associates. I concentrate my limited time playing the classical guitar and Fender electric basses. Although, I do have a couple of electric guitars hanging (literally) around the house.

On my electric-classical guitars, I play a variety of music and all this music has influenced my playing style. From the styles of Laurindo Almeida to Andres Segovia to Lenny Breau to Gordon Lightfoot and Tommy Emmanuel, there is so much music begging to be played. There is also a lot of pleasure in playing and listening to this music. I just wish I had more time to study it and further develop my technique.

So far, my favourite classical guitar is a Camps NAC-4-C. This guitar has a thinline body of traditional Spanish design, but it has a cutaway and the excellent Fishman Pro-blend pre-amp which allows the onboard microphone and piezo saddle pickup to be blended together.  I usually strive for an even balance between the piezo pickup and the onboard microphone. The soundboard is made from cedar, the back and sides from Ziricote, and the fretboard is ebony. 

Photo of me playing the Camps NAC-4-C guitar.

I am also a singer. My vocals are a high baritone or a low tenor, although I can hit some rather high notes. I have a fantastic vocal teacher / coach and her name is Carmen Hillary.  I have a link for her on my Links page or check her out on YouTube.

I also have a nice home studio where I can record or stream audio and video. I am also rather good at running live sound systems for symphonies and rock bands.

Photo of home studio:

My latest project is a virtual (online) open mic (soon to be named) to help all the local musicians, and some not so local, to survive the effects of the COVID-19 restrictions here in British Columbia. 

Enjoy my site and feel free to drop me a message.

Thank you,

Derek Wakefield